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  Excerpts from a new book «Madam Gali: Operation Aztec Gold»

At stake this time is part of Spain's gold reserve hidden in Toledo at the start of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The rest of the Spanish gold reserve was secretly moved to the Soviet Union for «safe-keeping» by NKVD agents disguised as Soviet embassy staff. The intriguing question was who would eventually get hold of it: the all-powerful KGB or Gali Legare, a triple agent who unbeknownst to her Lubyanka runners had spun out of KGB control. The part of the gold reserve still in Spain was hidden in the basement of a building in Toledo. Only two of the original participants in that operation survive: General Alexander Orlov, the former NKVD station chief in Spain, and Arturo Carera, assistant to the former Republican Prime Minister. Many years later this becomes simultaneously known to the external intelligence service of the KGB and Gali Legare, the triple agent of the world's most powerful intelligence services.
At the KGB's suggestion, the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU in Moscow decides to secretly and illegally move the hidden gold from Toledo to the Soviet Union. Gali without telling her KGB runners also tries to get her hands on the Toledo gold. The action of the novel covers the period from the late 1930s to the present day and its heroes become witness to and participants in the dramatic events of recent history — the hijacking of a Sabena aircraft bound for Tel Aviv, the horrible terrorist outrage at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and Mossad's retaliation for the PLO massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes. 
The scene of the novel's action shifts between the USSR, France, Spain, Israel and Lebanon and the texts are laced with interesting information about the history and cultural scene of these countries. Apart from the political component of the novel, the story is enlivened with a generous helping of human passion, steamy sex scenes, unexpected twists and turns of the storyline, all of which makes for light and enjoyable reading for the general reader, with his traditional penchant for suspenseful spy fiction.
Episode 1: On his death bed Arturo Carera passes his secret diary to the heroine of the book. One of the episodes of the stay in Spain of Boris Petrov, an undercover KGB operative. 
Episode 2: Boris Petrov and Roberto Duke, President of the Spanish Boxing Federation, go on excursion to Toledo. A meeting with Pillar, a famous and beautiful flamenco dancer.
Episode 3: Gali Legare learns about the existence of the «Toledo treasure» from Arturo's diary.
Episode 4: A meeting in the KGB office of a Chief of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence service. The beginning of the operation «Aztec Gold».

© 2006 Boris Gromov