Born in Leningrad in 1939 the author spent most of his youth in the Old Arbat area in the heart of Moscow. I started out on my career as an industrial worker at one of Moscow's defense factories. Not completing college to become a civil engineer I did a stint in the Soviet Army before entering the University of Foreign Languages in Moscow. After graduation from the university I worked in a variety of government organizations where my knowledge of English and French, and smattering of Czech and Polish languages came in handy. 

Eventually I was transferred to the Sports Committee of the Soviet Union, where I served as a Deputy Chief of the International Department. In this capacity I did my bit for the country in many different international organizations and their various commissions. In particular, at one time I served as the Administrative Secretary of AIBA (the International Amateur Boxing Association). In the late 1970s I was seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for work in the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris. Needless to say, while working in the Secretariat as a UN officer I engaged in other activities under the convenient «cover» of UNESCO. 

Returning to Moscow from Paris a few years later, I rejoined the Sports Committee, later moving to the Central Council of the Dynamo Sports Club, eventually landing at the State Customs Committee of the USSR. When the winds of perestroika began to blow, I headed the foreign trade and public affairs departments of a number of business companies and at one time was employed by some foreign venture capital firms in Russia. Using my old French connections, I continued to maintain contact with business people from France, notably in the area of real estate and high finance. During my career, I visited for varying lengths of time most countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. In my leisure time I enjoy reading books and studying history and the background of Russian and foreign special services and have written a few books of my own in the spy fiction genre. 



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